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Turquoise Themes for 2023

Turquoise Wedding sampler – in vibrant turquoise and green, with accents of topaz

Turquoise birthday card for any age – all numbers included

Turquoise wedding card
arched wedding card in vibrant turquoise and green with gold accents

May 6th 2023 Coronation Day
The Coronation Sampler

March 2023 The Windsor Tree
the creation of the name or Windsor and tracing the line of succession.
Features the landscape of Windsor Castle.

September 2023 Tribute to the Queen Sampler

a tribute sampler following the death of the Queen

Mothers Day card cross stitch kitMarch 17th 2022 Mothering Sunday
a new mini card stitched on 14 aida, so it is great for beginners

2022 The Platinum Jubilee year for Queen Elizabeth II
– history in the making, this lovely sampler follows the Golden and Diamond samplers which are now available again.
This version is in muted tones to reflect the platinum theme.

The Desiderata Sampler with the complete text
This perennial favourite continues to conveys this message of peace

Arch Nativity cross stitch cardXmas 2021
stained window Arched Nativity card with Mary & Joseph and baby Jesus

Rose 65th Anniversary Sampler cross stitcha Blue Sapphire Wedding Anniversary sampler in the Roses series to celebrate 65 years of marriage

March 2021
a new ‘Enjoy Your Retirement’ card in rich green, topaz and russet.

March 2021
‘Thinking of You’ card with twinkly lettering and a floral basket

Easter is on the way – April 4th 2021.
Here is a new mini Easter Chicks card to join the others.
Mini kits are £6.95

birth sampler cross stitch kit

January 2021 ~ a versatile mini birth sampler, with colurs for both pink or blue version. Great for beginners, and it fits a standard frame. The kit costs £9.50  

Home is where the heart is mini sampler cross stitch

October 2020 ~ ‘There’s no place like home’ ~ a new mini sampler for home lovers, this one is great for beginners. On blue-grey 14 aida for added colour

thank you cross stitch card

there is so much to be thankful for in these challenging times.
If you would like to say a special thank you to someone then here is a card for you to make! A mini ‘thank you’ card with a lovely basket spray and glittery lettering.

This Will pass cross stitch kit for Coronavirus

March 2020 ~ Our world is in crisis.
This sampler brings a message of hope while people unite in the face of hardship.
We are grateful for the bravery of all front line and essential service workers.
We are all in this together, and we will get through it.
And those staying at home need to continue to do just that to make their contribution.

Mini Wedding Sampler cross stitch kit

August 2019
A new mini wedding sampler in fresh mauve and green with accents of lemon and saffron.
The kit is great for beginners and fits an standard 6″ x 4″ frame

Blue Happy birthday card

April 2019
For spring time a new blue ‘Happy Birthday’ card in blue and green
This simple card is quick stitch and has lovely twirly lettering

March 2019
a new Primroses card to celebrate spring
a general greeting card for any occasion

Lilac Wedding sampler cross stitch

March 2019

a new lilac wedding sampler with contrasting turquoise and pink

Roses dusky pink wedding sampler cross stitch

August 2018
the Roses anniversary samplers have been so popular over the years that Lauren Turner has now adapted the design as a wedding sampler in luscious dusky pinks and mauve for current wedding colours

March 2018
Two new mini cards with lovely twirly lettering

mini Happy New Home card cross stitch

A Happy New Home card for someone who is on the move; with subtle metallic colours with antique green.
These mini cards measure 11 x 9 cms and use 16 aida, R.P. £6.95

mini Good Luck card cross stitch

The mini Good Luck card sends good wishes for any occasion and has good luck symbols of silver horseshoes and four leafed clover.
The kits have top quality materials and a beautifully clear chart with both colour and symbols, and full instructions including the how to mount the card.

December 2017
Five new birthday cards with decorative initials
the kit comes with a full alphabet so it is easy to cut out and use the letter of choice
colours are     Coral  Plum  Topaz  Mauve  and Pink Fizz
the letters contain gold thread, and are enfolded by a delicate fern

100th birthday card

December 2017
A 100th birthday cross stitch card – more of us are privileged to know someone who reaches a 100th birthday these days ~ what better way to mark it than with a card to keep !
This card is in gentle mauves and blue with a twirly ‘100’ !

Rose 70th Anniversary sampler cross stitch

The Royal Platinum Anniversary is on 20th November 2017 !
Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip celebrate an amazing 70 years of marriage.
Few are able to achieve this milestone,
so this new Rose Platinum sampler can be stitched to celebrate the Royal event ~ or your own family event

and there are two Platinum Anniversary cards in subtle mauve-pinks

May 2017   ~ Graduation season
Graduation season is approaching – we have just celebrated for my niece, and I have designed a new Graduation card in her honour, there are 3 cards and a sampler to choose from …

Welcome Sampler

October 2016
Welcome Sampler to greet your guests on arrival at your home.
This welcome sampler would be great in your home or a Bed and Breakfast !
The sampler is a sizzling composition in warm pinks and mauves.
The whirls and swirls dance around small flower motifs to create lovely panel.

Rose Coral anniversary sampler

coral anniversary sampler cross stitch
Coral Anniversary cross stitch card

September 2016

This is a new range of Coral Wedding Anniversaries to celebrate 35 years of marriage. This range includes two samplers and two greeting cards for this special event. The range draws on the sensational colours of deep sea coral reefs in vibrant coral reds and pinks with contrasting turquoise.