Tea-dyeing aida or evenweave fabrics

This is a very simple process which adds colour to the aida to give it an aged appearance.

Here is the method:-

1) Pour a kettle full of boiling water into a mixing bowl, add one tea-bag.

2) After a minute there will be plenty of colour in the water, remove the tea-bag.

3) Immerse the dry piece of fabric into the bowl for about 10 seconds and move it around so that it absorbs colour evenly, .

The colour will be absorbed very quickly, so it is better to take it out sooner rather than later.

The colour will not wash out once dyed – but you can immerse it again if you wish for a stronger colour.

The colour of the fabric will dry a to lighter shade.


Patchy colour effect

If you wish for a patchy colour to imitate old stained fabric, – daub the tea-bag very gently onto the fabric to add colour. Experiment on a small piece of fabric first with this method because it is easy to add too much colour.