Failte Celtic Welcome Sampler

A Failte Celtic Welcome Sampler in cross stitch with Celtic knotwork and a Celtic dragon in rich greens and golds
Fáilte is a traditional Scots or Irish welcome.
This design has

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A Failte Celtic Welcome Sampler in cross stitch to welcome guests ~ this sampler would look great in a Bed and breakfast !
This design has Celtic knotwork and a Celtic dragon in olive greens and goldsFailte Celtic Welcome Sampler in olive and bronze with glints of gold. This design has Celtic knotwork and a Celtic dragon.
“Fáilte” – is Scottish or Irish Gaelic meaning ‘welcome’.
Scottish = fàilte or Irish = fáilte,  the only difference between them is the direction of the accent on the of the accent over the a.
The sampler has a slash going both ways above the A, so that you can stitch it either way.

Failte Celtic Welcome Sampler cross stitch kit details (Fáilte)

Failte Celtic Welcome Sampler cross stitch kit has only top quality materials ~ Zweigart fabric, DMC thread and a needle.
The kit includes full instructions and a clear colour chart with symbols.
For a personal finish a completion slip adds your name and date to the back of your work

The pack has full instructions with cross stitch basics and tips for fine stitching
The clear colour chart has both symbols and coloured squares and so it is beautifully easy to read
Stitch away with no delay! ~ no need to spend time sorting colours because they come threaded on a card

If you prefer to use your own materials the chart only pack contains the colour pattern with full instructions.
You can choose to buy this kit on either 14 aida or 27 count evenweave
evenweave has a more refined appearance but is trickier to stitch (follow this link to view)
so 14 count is a wiser choice for the less experienced stitcher

Stitches –  Whole cross stitch, backstitch
Ability –    For stitchers with some experience

Fabric –     14 ivory aida or 27 evenweave
Size –       24 x 19 cms (9.4 x 7.4″)
Item no – LTS-54

You can also buy this design in a Welsh version ~ the Croeso Sampler

The meaning of Fáilte
Fáilte or Fàilte (Scottish Gaelic) is a word meaning “welcome”
This word appears in the Irish phrase céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes) as well as the similar Scottish phrase ceud mìle fàilte and the Manx keead milley failt. It also occurs in the name of Fáilte Ireland and its predecessor organization, Bord Fáilte (Board of Welcome).

The accent above the a is a diacritic known in Irish as the síneadh fada (literally, long stretching, as it lengthens the vowel; often called just the fada in English), and as the sràc in Scottish Gaelic.

You can also buy the Fáilte kit from Amazon and from Ebay


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